A Letter From the Webmaster

This page examines the people and events that exemplify what I like to call the "civil rights industry." The mass media and the civil rights industry effectively work together to censor facts and ideas that expose the so-called civil rights movement as un-American and subversive. From its origin, the civil rights movement was organized and funded by the Soviets during the height of the cold war in an effort to use racial strife to destabilize America.

Prominent "civil rights leaders" like Martin Luther King Jr. were not only funded by America's enemies, but King's organizers, fund raisers and chief aids were all members of the Communist Party USA. Many people who are to young to remember life during the 1950's and 60's may not understand how serious and treasonous this connection truly is.

During this period of the Cold War, the Soviet Union and America had atomic weapons pointed at each other, and at one point, almost went to war. This war would have killed over half the populations of each country! If you can imagine how serious this time was for America, I hope you can understand just how disgraceful and un-American King's secret partnership with the Soviet Union truly was. King and his associates were involved in an organized plot to destroy America, not provide civil rights to minorities. Once you understand this, you can understand why the media, your text books and our modern liberal socialist government in America censor the ideas on this web page and why they have tried to keep this information from you.

Just imagine if an Arab-American leader today was working secretly with the Taliban and Osama bin Laden, accepting money from them and using their terrorists as organizers, in an effort to destabalize America just before we went to war. Then imagine the media and the American government teaching children in our public and private schools that this man was a hero. If you think that sounds crazy, that is exactly what the media and government has done regard the treason of King against America.

There are many other issues and people involved in the civil rights industry. These people are no less corrupt, criminal and un-American, than King. I have begun to compile as much information as I can so that I can offer this information to you. I have always believed that standing up for the truth is a calling that I cannot run from. If you are a teacher or student, I hope you will take a stand for right and wrong and use this information to enlighten your peers.

Read some of my hate mail from the supporters of tolerance, democracy and diversity at www.martinlutherking.org/letters.html. Due to the violent, sexual and adult nature of the letters, children should not read this page.

On a final note, a number of schools have been requesting student come to this web site and read this letter. This project asks school children to look at the bottom of this letter and notice that I had not listed my profession; implying that I had no creditability. This is the kind of deceitful tactics Black supremacists use to trick children into believing their lies. They want you to ignore the facts and instead focus on me.

If you are asked to review this site as a "hate site," notice that the facts presented on this page or not disputed or proven wrong. Instead, the school system wants to call people names like "racist" or "nazi" or "White supremacist" in an attempt to discredit the facts presented.

Read everything, make up your own mind, and then do something about it. Do not let other people tell you what to think. Think for yourself.


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